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Eat The Cake

RI, MA & CT Photographer

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The act of documenting celebrations, people and love is an honor and inspiration for me.

Take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake — that is the advice that rippled through summer afternoons, my Italian family gathered around the table with delicious food sprawled out beneath smiling, laughing faces. Weddings have some similarities: gathering, sharing stories, laughing, feeling the love, of your favorite people with a delicious meal and music that stirs your soul.

I’m drawn to that fierce love of being alive and seek to capture it in both the subtle gestures and brilliantly beautiful expressions of wedding events. 

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There are a few layers to this cake (I do love a good slice of lemon raspberry) — it began with a career as the public relations manager for USA Archery, which led me to photographing events like the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, World Cups and World Championships. When I was asked to photograph my first wedding over 10 years ago, it felt like magic; I realized it was exactly what I was meant to do. 

When I’m not dancing at your wedding, I’m drawn to slower mornings with a dark roast iced coffee. I live a bit too close to an amazing donut shop, so there’s usually something sweet to start my day with. Home is in Woodstock, CT with my husband and our mischievous cats, but the ocean is where I feel the most peace.

From Olympic events across the ocean, to oceanside wedding events

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Hiring Teresa and her team was one of the easiest and best decisions we made when wedding planning. I am just blown away with how she and her team were able to capture so many special moments with our people on our wedding day. Even with a rainy, windy day we had the best wedding pictures I’ve ever seen! Each photo shows all of the love that was in the room during our wedding and I am so grateful to be able to relive our day forever thanks to Teresa and her team.





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Your photos will be a keepsake that lets you hear the laughter again, feel the love of your family all around and remember the touch of your partner’s hand as you twirled around the dance floor. 

I spent some of the most idyllic summers on the shores of Rhode Island at my family’s beach house, walking along the shores, clamming with my grandfather and enjoying delicious dinners cooked by my grandmother, great-grandmother and aunties.

On a return visit with my husband, years later, the waves crashed against the rocks in their usual style. But this time, I noticed how the spray of the sea brushed up against the sunlight. The textured golden glow was breathtaking, but even more beautiful was that sheer feeling of being alive. The ocean, as it always has, stirred a piece of my soul.

That moment of awe is something I want you to experience with your wedding. And I’ll encourage you to grab on, and hang on tight while my team and I capture photos that will reflect how this feels. 

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RI, MA & CT Photographer

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Based in Connecticut, we’re at the center of full-of-life weddings across Southern New England. From Cape Cod to Boston, Newport, and back to the Connecticut shoreline.

You’ll find us situated between CT, MA and RI

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Here at Teresa Johnson Photography, you’ll find a talented team with three photographers, videographer and in-house designer to bring phenomenal organization, planner-style communication and a built-in backup plan for just about everything. 

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The energy of two families and many friends gathering for the first time! Emotions are high, and it gives me goosebumps every time.

Top Favorite Moments

A workout & a large glass of iced tea

My day starts with a

I played volleyball growing up.

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A sugar lover who can’t turn down a dessert.

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Originally from Rio de Janeiro, I have an educational background in journalism and 12 years of photography experience. I love to document the raw, emotional connections between families and I’m famous for shedding tears during ceremonies and speeches! I met my husband at a wedding in Miami and I am a mom to two boys and one dog. Experiencing life through my children’s eyes reminds me to live in the moment, and of course, I document every bit of it.


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A tender touch or glance between the two of you, a parent being emotional or something silly happening on the other side of the dance floor.

Top Favorite Moments

Oat milk latte

My day starts with a

I have a master’s of research in neuroscience

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Crazy about shrimp tacos

Friends know i am

Fueled by passion fruit tea and the stories of each couple, I love the concept of capturing two people in love — meeting them where they are and figuring out the best way to authentically tell their story. I love taking the photos that I know you will look back on, and be able to re-experience how you felt in that moment. Outside of photography, staples of my life include traveling and spending time with my husband and our weimaraner. 


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When the couple briefly steps away for playful & intimate portraits

Top Favorite Moments

Black cold brew coffee

My day starts with a

Currently producing & directing a short film

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A space & nature nerd

Friends know i am

I am most passionate about exploring the stories of both the people and places around me. Whether that’s on set for a narrative production or the busy wedding day of a couple in love. I have an MFA in film and TV production, and teach film production courses at the University of Hartford. What inspires me in this work is the relationships and family ties I get to witness. You get to see children before they grow up, family from afar and relatives that may have passed in living and breathing picture.


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Emotional storytelling is at the core of our work. We get the candid, organic imagery that we’re known for because of an irrepressible, unobtrusive dedication. We’ll never interrupt when the emotions are high and the hugs are strong, but if we see something we can do to encourage an even more incredible experience, we’ll take care of it. And let’s not forget about the fine art prints and heirloom albums that will let you hang on tight to the memories (you’ll want to, we promise)!

Start-to-finish coverage & keepsakes that honestly & joyfully reflect your story

Everyone will tell you that your wedding day flies by too quickly. Coming from a sports photography background, I thrive in high pressure environments. You could say that capturing the fleeting moments of your wedding with a photojournalistic touch comes naturally to me.

The skillset & dedication to document moments that are over in a heartbeat

Part of making the wedding day easy is making it gorgeously fun. To create effortless, heartfelt photos, I encourage a lighthearted atmosphere that brings along a sense of easiness that just can’t be replicated. A little humor also helps to calm your nerves (puns are my go-to!).

A well-placed sense of humor to add a sense of calm

It shouldn't come out of left field when I know exactly what you're thinking, or what you need in the moment. While I’m not a total mind reader, I am good at gauging how you feel. I’ll take the cues and make sure you’re taken care of. Happy couples take the most beautiful wedding photos.

A photographer (or two) who is tuned into your needs


My work is shaped by a medley of

My work is shaped by a medley of

Mystic Seaport

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It’s hard to put into words how much we feel like we hit the jackpot with Teresa! Not only is her work utterly stunning, but she is just the easiest, most accommodating, and just generally chill person to deal with. She wrangled our difficult families with grace and wit, and we in turn were recipients of some absolutely gorgeous photos of our wedding day. We can’t recommend her highly enough. You’d be lucky to have her for your event.

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