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Wedding planning is joyful and fun...and at times overwhelming, right? But your photos - those should be a source of endless happiness. They should show the great moments, and the quiet, emotional ones, and the dance floor with your friends, and every other thing.

And your photographer: she should be easy to work with. There for you ANYTIME you have questions. Willing to help, quick to laugh, and always about capturing you as you really are. Creating those photos? As easy as walking and talking (and laughing!) with the person you love.

Every person has a story to tell, and in order to document those stories, I fall a little bit in love with every single client. I'm curious about where you came from. I'm interested in your story. 

I want to make wedding photography EASY for you

I want to know what makes you laugh, who's most important to you, how and why you and your partner chose one another. YOU are my ideal client, because you are uniquely beautiful, and you have a story to tell.

As photographers, I believe our responsibility is twofold: first, to ensure that every potential client can see themselves in our past work, and know that we celebrate ALL love stories. Second, we have an incredible opportunity to make an impact by allowing people to (literally) see another person, culture, religion, whatever — through a different lens. This is particularly true of wedding photography. Pictures are POWERFUL: we have the chance to tell stories that spread love, and inspire compassion and joy. If that makes your heart happy, please reach out. I’m so excited to connect with you!

My goal is to tell love stories that are completely real: we're going to be 100% authentic. In order to do that, we're going to spend time talking (and laughing!) together. I'm going to serve as a resource for ALLLL the wedding questions...and I'm going to be here to help whenever you need me. Need to text at 11 pm because you’re worried about your timeline? Reach out! Questions about the way dress colors will photograph? I’ve got you. This business has been built on genuine affection for all of my clients, on respect, and on trust. The experience you have here will help us create the photos that will tell your story for decades to come.

exquisite service from start to finish

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Collection 1

•6 Hours Coverage
• One Photographer
• Online Gallery
• Custom Timeline
• All Edited Images
• Full Print Rights


the keepsake

Collection 2

• 8 Hours Coverage
• Two Photographers
• Online Gallery
• Custom Timeline
• All Edited Images
• Full Print Rights
• 30 Minute Engagement Session
• 8x8 Album


the heirloom

Collection 3

• 10 Hours Coverage
• Two Photographers
• Online Gallery
• Custom Timeline
• All Edited Images
• Full Print Rights
• 90 Minute Engagement Session
• 10x10 Signature Album
• Custom 4x6 Print Box w/USB



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frequently asked questions

What’s your photography style? 

Definitely candid, colorful and creative. When you think of “wedding photojournalism” or “documentary-style photography,” that’s very close to what I do - with a bit of time added to your day for creative portraits. That said, we definitely do family and wedding party photos at most of our weddings, with a relaxed posing style and attention to finding (or creating) beautiful, natural-looking light. 

Is your business inclusive? 

YES. I am so sorry you have to ask that question in 2019, but yes, EVERY love story is celebrated equally here. Every couple is welcomed joyfully into the TJP family of clients, and I will document and enjoy every minute of your celebration. Documenting your love story - whatever kind of ceremony you have, whatever traditions you include in your day, whoever you are - is all that matters. 

Do you photograph *insert your religion and/or cultural heritage here* weddings? 

YES. I’m a proudly inclusive business owner and LOVE that I have the opportunity to learn about other religions and cultures through wedding photography! Whatever your religious ceremony, I’ve probably photographed it - and if I haven’t, know that I’m going to take extra time to learn about your traditions so that I can give each element of your ceremony the attention it deserves. If you have a reception that’s incorporating special ethnic or religious traditions, perfect! We’ll talk about how YOUR family and friends will recognize/celebrate that tradition, and document it as it happens.  

We’re getting married in a venue that has no lighting/is completely outside/is on the moon. Can you light that? 

YES. When you invest in professional wedding photography, an important part of what you’re paying for is the time and money I’ve spent on continuing education AND lighting equipment that works in every scenario. Getting married in a room with no lights? We’ll make the light. Want photos outside at night? I do them at almost every single wedding. Partying in an art gallery with four narrow rooms and high wooden ceilings? Been there, done that. We’ve got this. 

Will you help us with our timeline? We’re trying to figure this out and feeling overwhelmed. 

I TOTALLY feel you on this! We planned our own wedding and it was totally overwhelming with jobs, home life, and everything else going on. That’s why - if you don’t have a day-of coordinator or wedding planner - I will help you with your timeline, to ensure that we have enough time for all of the things you want to document, including creative portraits, family photos, wedding party pictures and - if applicable - your first look. Speaking of which...

We want to do a first look / we hate the idea of a first look. What are your thoughts on that?

Great question! It’s YOUR wedding. I don’t have any preference except that you do what feels least stressful and most fun for you. Either way, your day will be full of love and amazing moments, and we will document all of it, regardless of when you choose to see each other first. 

Do you have a list of recommended vendors? 

HECK, YES. There’s a LONG list of vendors I’ve personally worked with and love! It’s available to clients, along with my top secret “naughty list” of vendors my clients loathed. (Am I kidding? You’ll need to hire me to find out ;) 

Can we print our photos? How about putting them on Instagram/Facebook/etc?

Absolutely! I am a firm believer that you should own your images. You receive full print and online sharing rights with every wedding package I offer. 

How will we receive our photos? 

All images are delivered via an online gallery that you can share with family and friends, with an easy one-click download option. If you live in the country like I do, and have super slow internet (hey, it happens!), let me know and I’d be happy to provide a USB. 

How long does it take to receive our images? 

Glad you asked! You’ll receive a sneak peek of 15-20 images within 48 hours of your wedding, and all images are delivered within 3-4 weeks :) 

How long are our photos available online?

Your online gallery is available to you indefinitely. As long as I’m photographing weddings, you’ll have access to your images at no additional charge. 

Do you use a second photographer? Who is it? 

Absolutely! I’d be lost without them :) I work with two different second photographers, and both of them work exclusively with Teresa Johnson Photography. We’ve been working as a team for over four years, and are practically psychic in the way we communicate on a wedding day. We divide and conquer to get angles and perspectives and capture moments that might be missed if there were just one of us. We’re total pros together, which is why I include a second photographer in every package. 

What does it cost to work with you? How can we pay you? Can you hold our date?

Head over to the Investment page to see our packages. I’m happy to customize coverage to fit your needs by adjusting the hours of coverage or print products included. You can reserve your date quickly and easily by letting me know that you’d like to see a booking proposal. That will let you book your date by signing your contract and paying a retainer in just a few quick clicks. Payment is flexible; generally, I require a 25% retainer to hold the date, and payments can be made monthly, or on a two- or three-payment schedule, with the balance due two weeks prior to your wedding date. 

How do you pose people? 

I prompt rather than pose :) We look for the best light, get you at the most flattering angle for the light we have, and then I encourage you to connect in a way that’s natural to you as a couple. We have fun - we play 20 questions, we laugh a lot, and usually you do a great job of posing yourselves without even knowing it ;) 

What kind of equipment do you use? 

I’m so happy you asked! I’m a total photography geek and LOVE my gear. I shoot professional-grade Nikon D850 and D750 camera bodies that have dual card slots, so your images are backed up in-camera as they’re shot. I use Nikon lenses and Profoto lighting equipment. None of my gear is rented, and we have backups for all of our lenses, camera bodies and lighting equipment. 

Are you a legal entity, and are you insured? 

YES! Teresa Johnson Photography is a registered business based in Worcester, Massachusetts. I also work from my home in Woodstock, Connecticut. TJP is a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company and is fully insured. 

Can you produce a certificate of insurance for my venue?

Yep! Just let me know prior to your wedding (at least one month’s notice is appreciated) and I’ll have it sent directly to your venue. 

What’s your plan for data backup? 

Another GREAT question! On your wedding day, your images are being backed up to two cards, in-camera. When the day ends, one set of cards goes in a small wallet that stays on me for the remainder of the night, while another set of cards stays with our bags. When I arrive at home, one set of cards goes into a safe while the others are downloaded and backed up to four locations. Your cards remain untouched until your entire wedding is delivered. 

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