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Super excited about spending your life with your favorite human? Ready to celebrate all night long? Want to laugh till your ribs hurt? Then we're a perfect fit, and that's all you need to do for beautiful photos - I'll take care of the rest! From planning all of the photography details, to finding the most gorgeous light, and keeping things stress-free, I'll be there to take care of whatever you need, so you can focus 100% on enjoying the best day of your life. 

In 2014, I was working as a sports photographer when a friend asked me to photograph her wedding. Everything about it was pure magic: that day changed my entire world! I'm honored to document joy for a living - the people and moments who are most important to you! And each day, I'm more excited and inspired to create amazing images, as cherished heirlooms that will preserve your memories and feelings for the rest of your life. 

Telling your story with stunning, vibrant and joyful images

teresa's journey

This is the biggest day of your life - and experience matters. As a team, we've photographed weddings in every weather and lighting condition, in barns, beaches, country clubs, tents, backyards, hotels, museums, and everywhere in between. From -6 degrees to over 100, in snow, freezing rain, pouring rain, thunder, clouds, and sun at all times of day - we've photographed it all, and we've got this. 

11 years of Events, 8 years of Weddings

Experience Matters

I'm always excited when couples bring me their cultural, religious and other traditions that they'd like to incorporate into their day. Over the past five years, we've photographed West Indian, Jamaican, Persian, Haitian, Italian, Greek, Arab, Scottish, Armenian, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox, and Christian weddings - and LOTS of non-religious/civil ceremonies, too. Whatever traditions you're bringing to your celebration, know that I'll take the time to learn and understand them, and document them with the respect and love they deserve. 

Respectful Coverage of Your Heritage

cultural traditions?

But we will. Teresa Johnson Photography is a proudly inclusive business. I am a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and every single love story is celebrated equally. I recommend only inclusive vendors, and have a strict "safe space/no hate speech" policy. 

We Shouldn't Have to Say It...

inclusive and proud

We have four cats, and I grew up with amazing dogs. We LOVE animals - all animals - and I will probably become your pet's new BFF. So yes, PLEASE bring them to your engagement session! And of course, I'll photograph them at your wedding. I've got lots of experience photographing pets, and worked as a home trainer for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, so I've got a calm, evidence-based approach to working with dogs in a way that keeps everyone comfortable and delivers great photos. 

100% Will Obsess Over Your Pets

furbabies welcome

- Hannah Kowalski

I cannot recommend Teresa highly enough. You will not be disappointed, and there was no one else we can imagine documenting our special day.


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