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I love eating my way across a new city, finding the best bites in town, and totally getting a thrill out of growing flowers.

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Shepherd’s Run Wedding Venue: Your Ultimate Planning Guide

February 16, 2024

Published on:

The bride and groom walking through a stone archway in a garden, the bride in a pink saree holding a bouquet, and the groom in traditional attire.

Nestled in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, Shepherd’s Run is really a jewel among wedding venues. Throughout this blog post, you’ll learn all about why a Shepherd’s Run wedding may be a great option for you.

This venue, with its unique blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, can really be adjusted to fit your wedding’s aesthetic and theme. As a wedding photographer who frequently photographs weddings in Rhode Island, I’ve had the joy of photographing a wedding at this very venue, and it’s one of those venues that really sticks out amongst the rest with its unique architecture and soaring ceilings.

Keep reading to learn all about the Shepherd’s Run wedding venue.

The History of Shepherd’s Run Wedding Venue

Before we dive more into the venue spaces and amenities at Shepherd’s Run, let’s take a brief look at its history! One of the greatest pros of wedding venues in New England is that they all have some sort of history.

Shepherd’s Run dates back to 1933, making it almost 100 years old. It served as the summer home for Rush Sturges and Elizabeth Hazard Sturges and was gifted to them. Over the years, this residence has since become a winery, wedding/event venue, and a hotel. 

Thomas Pym Cope designed this venue’s manor in a classic Norman Romanesque architectural style, and is really jaw-dropping. The breathtaking gardens were also landscaped by an architect, Beatrix Farrand. As you can tell, a lot of thought went into every little detail at Shepherd’s Run. 

Venue Spaces at Shepherd’s Run

One of the great parts about Shepherd’s Run is that there are a variety of indoor and outdoor venue spaces! So, you can really pick the one that matches the aesthetic of your wedding the best. The venue itself can host up to 300 people, so it’s perfect for both micro and full-scale weddings.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different spaces that Shepherd’s Run has.

Event Hall

First is the breathtaking event hall, which is the largest indoor event space that Shepherd’s Run has to offer. This is the perfect place to host a wedding ceremony or even a large reception. There are high, vaulted ceilings in this 3000-square-foot space with 35-foot-high ceilings. And the light coming in through the huge weddings at sunset? *chef’s kiss!* This area is truly a blank canvas and can be perfect for any wedding day theme.

Wine Hall

For a small, more intimate indoor setting, there’s the Wine Hall. This is another area with exposed wood ceilings and large windows that allow lots of natural light. There’s even original fishing rope crown molding! If you’re having a smaller wedding, this is perfect for a gathering or even a dinner surrounded by classic New England architecture.

Sailcloth Celebration Tent

The Sailcloth Celebration Tent is perfect for larger-scale outdoor weddings, as it can accommodate up to 250 people. It’s still a great option for those smaller weddings, too. This is one of their signature event spaces, and the manor is the backdrop of the tent. As the sun sets around this tent, you’ll get to enjoy some incredible views near the Narrow River.

Beatrix Ferrand Walled Garden

If a more whimsical outdoor setting is what you’re going for, there’s the Beatrix Ferrand Walled Garden. This is a fairly large outdoor space, as the garden is 3000 square feet! It’s perfect for a wedding ceremony or even cocktail hour outdoors. It can also host a variety of ceremony layouts; check out Navya and Rocco’s Hindu ceremony photos for inspiration.

Winemaker’s Room

For an intimate dinner or reception for a smaller wedding, the Winemaker’s Room is an excellent choice. It overlooks the floor that’s used for fermentation and has big barrels throughout the room, as well as high vaulted ceilings. 

Manor Terrace

Last but not least is the Manor Terrace, which is one of the more modern sites at Shepherd’s Run. It has giant doors that allow it to be both an indoor and outdoor space, as well as large windows that bring so much natural light. It’s perfect for a reception or even cocktail hour.

Shepherd’s Run Amenities

There’s a variety of different amenities at the Shepherd’s Run wedding venue that can help make planning your big day even easier. For one, there’s a coordinator that will work with you throughout the process. They have chefs on-site with the catering team they work with, who will create the perfect menu for your wedding based on your preferences.

In addition, they have a team that will help with everything from setting up and taking down the tables, chairs, lights, etc., for your wedding, which we all know isn’t the most fun part! The team at Shepherd’s Run really works with you to make sure that your event is everything that you dreamed it would be.

Shepherd’s Run Wedding Cost & Packages

Now, let’s take a moment to talk about the cost of a wedding at Shepherd’s Run. Truly, and you’re not going to like this answer, it depends! Each of the venue spaces that I listed above all have different investment costs, ranging from $500 (the Winemaker’s Room) to $7,500 (the Sailcloth Celebration Tent).

Prices for receptions and ceremonies also can vary depending on if it’s peak (June to September) or off-peak season, as well as what day of the week it is. Historically, couples can expect to spend more for a weekend event. On average, couples usually spend at least $10,000 for their full event, all the way up to $20,000, depending on the spaces rented.

My Experience at Shepherd’s Run Venue

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph a beautiful wedding here before. The Shepherd’s Run wedding venue is one that really is a stand-out property. It’s so beautiful, offering both indoor and outdoor spaces that are incredibly unique and lovely.

The getting-ready suites here are actually part of the property’s hotel and are flooded with beautiful natural light (which lends itself really well to photography). The venue itself is gorgeous with its architecture, soaring ceilings, gorgeous distinctive stone wells, tall walls, and even a vineyard area outside.

Shepherd’s Run is a perfect mix of outdoor and indoor space for a luxurious, beautiful wedding day with easy access to the Rhode Island shoreline (which is breathtaking) and Providence’s amazing restaurant scene, making this an easy choice for a destination wedding in New England.

Final Thoughts: Weddings at Shepherd’s Run

Shepherd’s Run is one of those rare wedding venues that’s a  perfect blend of modern sophistication and rustic elegance. From the first look beneath the tall windows to the last dance surrounded by stone walls that have stood the test of time, you’ll want to ensure every moment of your big day is captured with the same attention to detail and love that has gone into making your day perfect. That’s where I come in!

With a keen eye for the candid and a way of photographing that seeks out the raw, emotive moments that make your wedding uniquely yours, I am here to document your day against the stunning backdrop of Shepherd’s Run (or anywhere else in Southern New England).

My photography is about capturing your entire celebration, including the laughter, the tears, and the unspoken glances. With Shepherd’s Run as our venue, we can create a collection of memories that embody the place where you chose to begin your lives together. Click here to learn more and here to get in touch. Let’s capture your big day together!

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