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A New England photographer with 10+ years of experience, I’m drawn to weddings because I want to see people having the time of their lives surrounded by all of the love possible, with photos that capture everything from the tiniest in-betweens to the most significant moments. 

I love eating my way across a new city, finding the best bites in town, and totally getting a thrill out of growing flowers.

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5 Tips for The Lace Factory Wedding of Your Dreams

February 16, 2024

Published on:

The back view of a bride walking down the aisle in a lace dress, guests on either side seated on folding chairs, and a floral-lined aisle leading to a draped fabric backdrop.

A vintage and industrial feel, a completely open floor plan, and a view of the magnificent Connecticut River just steps away. That’s what you get when you choose The Lace Factory wedding venue in Deep River, Connecticut. 

With so many amazing venues around New England, this has to be one of my favorite ones to photograph weddings at. There is so much character to this venue and so much flexibility to turn the space into anything you want. 

So, if you are looking for just that, let’s take a look at The Lace Factory and how to have your dream wedding there! 

About The Lace Factory 

The Lace Factory is an industrial-styled building that used to be an actual lace factory. Built back in the mid-1870s, it has become somewhat of an iconic building along the edge of the Connecticut River. 

While its days as an active factory are long over, the transformation into a wedding venue has created a unique and beautiful space for couples to tie the knot. One of the best things about this flexible venue is that it is very open and provides a gorgeous blank canvas. 

The entire indoor area is just one open floor plan, giving you plenty of space to play around with and set up however you want. There are also massive windows covering most of the walls that not only create an amazing backdrop but also let in so much natural light during the day. 

Since the space is very open and flexible, they are able to accommodate up to 220 guests for your wedding. They also have beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces that you can use throughout your wedding (but more on that later). 

When it comes to some of the other details of what is included in their packages, there isn’t much you have to look for outside of the venue. The Lace Factory includes all of the tables and chairs for your ceremony and reception. 

They also partner with Cloud Nine Catering for all of the food for your wedding. And let me tell you, you will not be disappointed with the menu they create for you and your guests. They have a massive selection of hors d’oeuvres, first courses, and mains for you to choose from. 

They make your wedding cake for you and provide all of the plates, cutlery, catering staff, and a menu tasting before your wedding. You get a four-and-a-half-hour open bar! 

Finally, their team is top-notch. Planning and coordinating a wedding can be stressful, but the Lace Factory team makes this so much easier for you and your partner. Their team also works flawlessly with some of our favorite planners; one of our favorite Lace Factory wedding days was with the amazing Chelsea Suddes of Pearl Weddings, one of New England’s best wedding planners.

Tips for the Perfect Wedding at The Lace Factory 

If this all sounds good so far, here are a few of my top tips for planning the perfect wedding at The Lace Factory (coming from a photographer who has captured multiple weddings here)! 

Take advantage of the space 

First and foremost, take advantage of the space. There are not a ton of venues out there that are going to be as open as The Lace Factory. A lot of times, you will run into “open” floor plans that then have big poles or beams all throughout that make the space somewhat hard to work with. 

You won’t find any of that here and instead will have total control over how things are set up. It does have a really nice industrial and vintage vibe to it that you can definitely lean into. Truly, it is an unconventional wedding venue space.

But, since it is not overly decorated or themed a certain way, you really have a lot of room to decorate it and transform it into your dream space. Once you tour the Lace Factory, I’m sure your wheels will start turning, and you’ll be able to see how much you can do with this light-filled industrial space. From family-style dining to rounder tables, you can use florals, fabrics, candles, and more to create stunning layouts that feel intimate and elevated, even with larger guest lists.

Don’t skip out on the Essex Steam Train 

One of the more unique features of The Lace Factory wedding venue is its proximity to the Essex Steam Train. On its own, the train is a really cool experience, but you can also integrate it with your wedding to make it more memorable. 

The Lace Factory actually partners with the train to offer transportation to your wedding. I mean, how much more unique can your wedding entrance be than on a steam train? 

If riding a train to your wedding isn’t quite piquing your interest, you can still take advantage of the train for some amazing photos. Since the train is right around the venue, it is a great place to go for some wedding portraits. 

I always love getting bigger group photos here with your full wedding party. You can go inside the train, which is outfitted with beautiful vintage lounge chairs that make the perfect photo opportunity. 

In addition to the train itself, there is a vintage car across from the venue, perfect for portraits of large and smaller groups. In short, this venue offers a wide variety of photo locations that suit any kind of wedding – from a garden party to a railroad-themed vintage wedding; the options are endless!

Visit the pier on the Connecticut River 

Speaking of what is right next to the venue, The Lace Factory is located right at Deep River Landing, at the heart of the Connecticut River. You and your partner can take just a short walk (literally a minute away) down to a pier overlooking the Connecticut River, which gives us stunning wedding photography opportunities. There is a nice, open part of the pier that is perfect for group photos of you with your wedding parties. 

For wedding day photos with you and your spouse, I recommend walking along the path that leads to the pier. There’s a lovely small bench where you can stop and enjoy the breathtaking river views. And, on your wedding day, it’s a must for photos in general since one of the many benefits of hosting your wedding at The Lace Factory is its stunning riverfront location.

Fall in love with the outdoor spaces 

While one of the biggest appeals of The Lace Factory is the building itself, it also boasts multiple gorgeous green spaces. 

If you are able to plan an outdoor ceremony (obviously, if you are planning a winter wedding, this may not be an option), you should definitely consider having it outdoors.

This space gives you the perfect mix of industrial and natural. To one side of you, you will have the factory and its beautiful red brick exterior. On the other side, you will have a ton of greenery. There is a small stone wall along this side that adds so much character to this space. And, I’d be remiss not to mention the beautiful front courtyard, where The Lace Factory’s iconic teal door is located; I love recommending this space to couples who want a cozier feel to their group photos, and it’s perfect for couples portraits. 

Find a photographer with technical experience 

Finally, you want to find a photographer with more technical experience to capture your wedding here. While the windows all around the factory let in plenty of natural light, that won’t be an option for your entire event.

Once the sun goes down, it can be a bit more difficult to capture images that preserve the ambiance of this beautiful wedding venue. Natural light and traditional flash aren’t going to cut it all the time. Especially for fall, winter, and early spring weddings, the sun is likely to set early on your wedding day, so you’ll want to make sure your photographer can adjust and continue to capture incredible images regardless of the available light. 

As you are looking for your photographer – as always – I recommend asking for full, real wedding galleries (not just styled shoots or editorials) – and asking them for examples of real weddings at  The Lace Factory.

Final Thoughts on The Lace Factory

While you are bound to find many modern and chic wedding venues around Connecticut, The Lace Factory wedding venue is the perfect option if you want to go a bit more industrial, boho, and/or vintage. 

There are so many amazing aspects to this venue, and it is only amplified by the incredible team that works to bring your dream wedding to life and the chef-curated menus that gave us one of the best meals we’ve ever had in ten years of weddings! If this sounds like the perfect place for you and your partner to say “I do,” and all you need is a photographer to capture these moments, I’d love to chat. 

Over the years, The Lace Factory has become one of my favorite places to photograph weddings, and it is a magical place to start the rest of your lives together. 

You can take a look through all of my wedding photography details or get in touch to talk about your wedding and how we can help capture all of the moments that you’ll cherish forever! 

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